Hypnotherapy Specifics


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Addictive Habits
An addiction is when the subconscious mind is patterned to mentally and physically reinforce a negative behavior, and will power cannot change the need for the negative stimulus. Hypnotherapy communicates directly to the subconscious mind, creating freedom from addiction! Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, manage your consumption of alcohol or eradicate your drug use, Hypnotherapy can and will help. If you are willing to find the reason for your addiction and work towards positive change, hypnosis can help you reach your goals. A series of 6 sessions minimum is required for maximum results.

Cancers and Other Diseases
Those diagnosed with Cancer and other dis-ease that incorporate Hypnotherapy into their health routine, notably improve their quality and vitality of life. The Hypnotherapist teaches the client how to manage and modify their pain through the use of hypnotic techniques that help strengthen their immune systems, thereby enhancing their health, strength and enjoyment of life. Fears and feeling of helplessness are also addressed so as to diminish, and even eradicate, them. Clients often feel better by actively participating in their healing process. Many start seeing themselves as survivors by simply using the power of their own “creative intelligence.” Near miraculous results are possible just by changing one’s subconscious thought patterns and improving one’s attitude. Hypnosis is also a remarkable tool for family members coping with a loved ones disease, offering them much needed release from negative emotions or feelings of confusion, exhaustion or helplessness.

Preparing for Surgery
Many people going into surgery worry about the procedure as well as the recovery. With the help of Clinical Hypnotherapy you can prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, limiting complications and healing faster. The hypnotic preparation for surgery creates positive feelings of trust and confidence in your medical staff and puts the mind and body at ease for optimal surgery and recovery. Statistics show that among those using hypnosis, there is a lower risk of infection and complication. The healing process after the surgery is enhanced and expedited. By working with the inner creative power of the mind, the results are a stronger immune system, less pain and faster recovery time. Clinical Hypnotherapy applied for surgery preparation is a combination of sessions prior to the procedure and personalized self hypnosis CD/MP3 for the recovery period.

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Pregnancy & Natural Birth
Because the mind influences childbirth in a profound way, using mental imagery in self hypnosis can alter the course of labor so that more women can deliver their babies safely and naturally. Labor truly does work best when mind and body cooperate. To make sure Mom experiences a pain free, relaxed birth depends largely on the preparation of the mind as well as the body. The way Mom thinks, feels and believes, will influence the comfort and length of her labor – and the safety of birth for her and her baby. Research has shown that altering one’s beliefs about childbirth can shorten labor by as much as 25 – 50 %. Further, fewer complications occur during the birth process of relaxed mothers. Now you can learn how to redefine the experience of giving birth with Clinical Hypnotherapy by using self hypnosis to bring your baby into the world in a calm, relaxed and empowered way. Making you child’s birth a calm, safe, sacred, fulfilling experience for Mom, Dad and Baby.

There can be many reasons for restless nights without sleep. Typically insomnia reflects an imbalance we have in life. This often leads to stress, emotional instability, confusion, frustration, physical fatigue and eventually can lead to ill health due to a suppressed immune system. With hypnotherapy you will experience a deep level of relaxation and through self hypnosis techniques you will learn to reach this level using your inner creative mind. Transform your sleepless nights into ones of profound rest and relaxation waking up rejuvenated and refreshed.

Anxiety easily controls and modifies our behavior, which restricts living life to the fullest. Thousands of people live their lives limited and controlled by anxiety, fears or phobias, often thinking it is “Something I have to live with…” However, through hypnotherapy you discover the origin of this limiting state of mind and learn ways to change your perception to reach inner peace and calm.

I myself have had amazing results using hypnosis for a needle phobia I had since I was a young child. It has been 29 + years since I have healed my needle phobia with hypnosis and I can now walk into a Doctor’s office or hospital for exams or treatment without the overbearing fear of injection. I have healed this issue so completely that I now enjoy the therapeutic effects of acupuncture! A treatment that, years ago would have been impossible for me to withstand. Now I have feelings of relaxation and calm inner peace during acupuncture treatments.

Remembering Your Life Purpose
For some, solving the mystery of life: Who am I? Why am I here? becomes a mission that can take a lifetime to find in itself. Through the use of Hypnotherapy clients can quickly and profoundly rediscover their life’s purpose and intention, transforming one’s life from a place of confusion and inertia to one of bliss, confidence, forward movement and vitality.

Natal Regression & Sacred Breath Renewal
Studies have found that most all of the negative belief’s and limiting mind programming comes from early childhood and even extends back into our womb-time. Natal regression is a form of regression that can be used to find patterns of limiting behavior, divine purpose and karmas, solve relationship problems, and understand family patterns – gaining insight into family dynamics and relationship issues. This type of regression is wonderful for clients to achieve goals from stop smoking or weight lose, to a deeper understanding of your intentions for living, self growth and discovery.

Hypnotic Dreamwork™
This work is revolutionary and provides clarity of our dreamtime experiences. With the combination of Gestalt dream work together with hypnosis, the dreamer is allowed a deeper experience of the dream itself so that they may find the unique relationship of the dream to his or her own existential experience. Where the vast majority of dreamwork methods rely on analysis and interpretation by a therapist, this work allows your own inner wisdom its voice in interpretation. The combination of dream work and hypnosis is truly a profound and transforming experience where the healing nature of dreams, and the potential of hypnosis as a therapeutic and personal growth tool, creates a wonderful integration of mind. This type of regression is recommended to anyone wishing to seek self knowledge and actualization. It is especially wonderful for children and adults experiencing recurring or frightening dreams. Even just a sliver of a memory of a dream can be useful in this work. You may be surprised at how easily and vividly you recall your dreams with hypnosis. Additionally, your recall of dreams can be encouraged and grown through Hypnotic Dreamwork™, creating transformative results in using lucid dreaming techniques to master your dreams and find resolutions to daily living.