Hypnotherapy Overview

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What we think, we become!

In the state of hypnosis, the critical or judgmental part of the mind is “relaxed,” while the fully-aware subconscious mind, often called your “creative intelligence,” is highly receptive and responsive to new and positive programming in order for you to reach success.

The hypnotherapist’s positive suggestions, formulated techniques and visualization exercises enable and empower the individual, through the mastery of their own inner mind’s potential, to transform their lives towards health, peace, comfort, vitality and happiness.

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Why Hypnosis??

Clinical Hypnotherapy has been proven effective for a wide variety of illnesses and physical imbalances. Our clinical hypnotherapist has specialized training and success in all areas of medical hypnosis such as:

Stop Smoking                                                                                                                        Lose Weight
Chronic pain
Migraine headaches
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)                                                                                              Children’s’ Issues such as Bed Wetting, Nightmares                                                              Test Anxiety                                                                                                                            Fibromyalgia
Back pain
Weakened immune system
Sexual dysfunction
Phantom Pain
And much more…

Clinical Hypnotherapy enhances the body’s natural healing resources, stimulating the immune system and balancing self-regulatory functions.

Pain free child-birth is also made possible through the use of hypnosis. When a current medical problem exists, our hypnotherapist will work adjunctively with you and your doctor to safely and effectively give you the results you desire.


Hypnotherapy is approved by the American Medical Association. Hypnosis was first approved for medical use by the American Medical Association in 1958 and medical doctors today also use hypnosis to help their patients enjoy better health and wellbeing.
Some doctors even encourage their clients to use the help of a Hypnotherapist to aid in pain management and recovery so that less prescription drugs are required. Still others are receptive to their pregnant clients using hypnosis in the natural and pain free delivery of their newborn.



Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind, inherent in each of us. It is in this state of mind we achieve a heightened level of focus at a very deep subconscious level that allows us to reach our goals.


Erica Collins, CHT

Erica Collins is a Certified Hypnotherapist, who graduated from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has also had the honor and privilege of learning hypnotherapy techniques from one of the world’s leading hypnotists, Master Hypnotist, Gil Boyne.  She has been in practice for over 23 years!

She has also worked with “A” list celebrities, world renowned athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists, children and those with physical ailments such as MS and chronic pain as well as patients undergoing cancer and HIV treatment.

Erica is a member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).


“I was very pleased with the work. I had never had hypnosis before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I felt very safe with Erica and was grateful to have such a caring and compassionate therapist to work with. Hypnosis with Erica helped me let go of things that were no longer serving me and gave me the confidence I needed to seek out what did. Sometimes things would come up in session that were not planned. It was very helpful to have these surprise findings during a session as well.

By letting go and trusting the process, the more sessions I had with Erica, the easier it was to allow what needed to come to the surface, surface. I was amazed at how quick the results were. Knowing that Erica would allow the work to come full circle each session was very reassuring to me.

Erica rocks! I enjoyed our sessions together and appreciate the techniques she has taught me to continue on with my journey of self-discovery and healing.”

“Erica was very professional and made me feel comfortable during my sessions. I was very impressed at how knowledgeable she was in her training. She continued to make me feel at ease through all my sessions. I was able to find the core root as to why I would eat the wrong foods for my body. I had the additional benefit of questions that were answered as to why I have some of the thoughts and behaviors associated with my past experiences.

Erica was completely professional throughout the sessions and was not afraid to dig deep to the cause of the pain associated with my over eating. The minute you meet Erica, you are instantly comfortable with her. She is genuine and believes with her whole heart that what she is providing will help her clients.”

After my first session, I knew I was dealing with a true professional and a field that would have a profound effect on my life.

I had smoked a pack a day since the age of 11. I quit almost instantly after the first session with Erica.

Erica is an extraordinarily talented and insightful healer. She went to my core issues to help me conquer my 30 year smoking addiction within just the first couple sessions. After the first session my desire to smoke was almost diminished. I am a strong believer and will recommend her to all who will listen.

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