Past Life Regression


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Past Life Regression

Experience past life recall to solve present day problems

All memories are held within the subconscious mind. It is through the use of Hypnotherapy that one can access Past Life Memories and thus reveal the blocks and reoccurring patterns that prevent or hinder success and vitality in current day life. Centuries ago past life exploration was never for the commoner. It was passed down from shamans, medicine men and high initiates.

Now times have changed in this accelerated world we live in and more and more people are discovering the wonderful healing benefits that past life regression therapy can bring.

While some clients will spontaneously regress to a past life without any encouragement from the Hypnotherapist, others will request such regression for specific purposes. People want to explore past lives for many different reasons. Whether you want to find the karmic cause for certain issues, relationships or behavior patterns you are experiencing today or delve into developing past hidden talents, past life regression can help.

There is much evidence presented from numerous sources about the existence of past lives. Erica will educate you on the many theories of past lives as well as exploring the effects of regression therapy accelerating karma for clearing present life limitations and liberating your inner divine being! Erica offers PLR in a group, private individual or duel setting.

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Erica is experienced in rare Dual Past Life Regression!

This allows two people to regress at the same time, during the same session and explore the past life issues creating conflict or bringing clarity into relationship dynamics. This is an amazing tool for spouses to re-kindle love in a troubled marriage, smooth the road in sibling rivalry or lead to greater understanding at a deeper spiritual level of any relationship dynamic with themselves or others.

To quote from Manly P. Hall on Reincarnation: “Reincarnation is nothing more nor less than the law of evolution applied to the unfolding consciousness of the individual. All growth and development bear witness to the improvement of that invisible divine force which is the cause of all physical growth and development. Everything in the universe is growing up through the experiences of existence. Why should man be left unaware of his participation in this eternal growth?”

For group settings: you may wish to bring a yoga mat, blankets and extra pillows to sit or lie down comfortably. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Please bring a note pad and pen as there will be time to journal your experience. Workshops are presented by Erica Collins, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and require of minimum of 10 participants. Length of workshop may vary. Plan on a 3-4 hour session.