Yoga Class Descriptions

Erica Empower yogaErica offers a safe and suitable yoga experience for ALL!  Gentle, Beginner thru Advanced options to allow each student to progress their practice in a safe and balanced way!  Several classes are taught in an all level environment so each student can work their edge safely and therapeutically.  Erica offers corporate and children’s school yoga programs for groups or organizations. Contact her for more information if you’d like a group class offered at your location.





With focus on proper alignment, this highly refined method of practice joins deep, rhythmic breathing with a series of progressively sequenced postures from the Primary Series to stir internal heat and awaken subtle core energies of the body.

Suitable for reasonably fit beginners.

Vinyasa Flow     Hot & Traditional

An eclectic blend of various styles of intermediate and advanced Vinyasa Yoga.   Creatively presented in a continuous flowing sequence with awareness of the mind-body-breath connection and alignment. Developing a balance of STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY.  Core development, arm balances and inversions are a part of each class.

Fit beginners welcome.

SLOW FLOW     Hot & Traditional Vinyasa

An eclectic blend of various styles of Vinyasa Yoga. Creatively presented in a slower flowing sequence with awareness of the mind-body-breath connection and ALIGNMENT.  If you feel power vinyasa classes move too fast or are too intense of a challenge, then this class is for you! Savor longer restorative yoga holds in postures and slower transitions in this move at your pace class.  Many modifications are offered for each student to develop a balance of strength and flexibility.

This is a great class for the new yogi to build a strong foundation for their practice.

Hatha Yoga for Back Care

Utilizing breath and mindful stretching and strengthening exercises, this class is perfect not only for those with back issues or physical limitations- anyone seeking a gentle-paced yoga practice will benefit.  This class is also geared for people who are in the midst of pain and seeking RELIEF through yoga therapy.  Props are used to assist in the body’s RELEASE and opening bringing more comfort and range of motion.


This class is great for anyone seeking a GENTLE paced yoga practice teaching students how to find GRACE and FLEXIBILITY. Class options are utilized from your mat or a chair depending on each student’s skill and comfort level.  All poses, STRETCHING and body isolations can be done while seated in a chair. Breath work and mindful relaxation are also included.

Yin Yoga

This class focuses on releasing the deep connective tissue that is our largest organ of the body! When tight due to use or continued patterns of strenuous movement or stress this connective tissues becomes bound or adhesed and creates muscle tension and alignment issues.  This relaxing class nourishes joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. You will be on the floor most of the time, using as many props needed to create as little effort while holding these poses. Poses are held for 2-5 minutes allowing joints and fascia to release. This class will complement your Vinyasa practice and will open and release areas in need of more attention. Deep breathing practices are also included. Suitable for all levels.

Reiki Restore

Half class, half mindfulness relaxation, this class is a restorative class, gently allowing the muscles to relax and open while encouraging the release of stored of tension and toxins. A small dose of hands on Reiki from Erica-Your Reiki Master/Teacher-, a form of energy therapy that enhances the natural healing system, will also be given to increase a sense of well-being.


The first half of class moves thru a vinyasa series focusing on upper body strength, core and leg work.  The second half we “peace” out and find our deepest relaxation as we practice restorative or yin inspired postures for deep inner release.  This powerful combination will create space and strength throughout the body and leave your mind feeling relaxed.


Erica’s version of Pure Barre! Learn the exercises and alignment that dancers use to build strong lean muscle and control! This class is an ever-changing format to keep your muscles guessing with traditional barre work, floor barre, resistance band training, small hand weights and upper body and ab work! It is designed using aspects of ballet barre and jazz technique. It is a “butts and guts” class that is all level.  Class is meant to fatigue and each student takes a break when needed and joins in when ready.  This class is also designed to biomechanically retrain and address hip and back pain.  Creating strength and proper firing of muscle groups.  It also helps strengthen and relive foot and ankle issues.  All shapes and sizes/fitness levels will enjoy this fun class!

Yoga for Kids & Yoga for Teens

All children need physical exercise, and it is important that the exercise they get PROMOTES the healthy development of their growing bodies.  The stretching and strengthening techniques used in yoga are an IDEAL way for children and teens to grow flexible and strong while learning positive coping skills to deal with stresses such as test anxiety or behavioral issues.  Yoga teaches self-awareness and builds confidence, self-esteem and an overall sense of well-being.


Learn how to quiet your mind and bring balance and harmony back to your life.  In this class we experience the subtle aspects of yoga.  Using the breath and CREATING SPACE IN THE MIND we explore the DEEPEST UNION WITHIN THE SELF our yoga practice has to offer.  It also incorporates work with the bandhas (energy locks), pranayama (control of life-force energy using breath), pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), meditation (prolonged concentration), and other mindfulness practices.  Sometimes Kirtan (chanting) is also utilized.

Pre/Post Natal

Coming Soon!  One of the oldest traditions in helping new mom’s to PREPARE for childbirth mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This class focuses on making room for baby with GENTLE stretching and deep breathing practices before childbirth and gently toning, de-stressing and RESTORING your body and mind after childbirth.

Please check with your doctor before starting any form of exercise while pregnant and post partum.

Yoga for Reproductive Health

Coming Soon!  A class for women or men looking for an adjunctive tool to STRENGTHEN their fertility and virility.  This class is also wonderful for BALANCING hormonal and menstrual issues for those during their childbearing years, as well as elder students with prostrate or menopause concerns.

Family Yoga

Family yoga is FUN, family bonding time where we incorporate partner yoga work, yoga stories, and lots of silliness during our family yoga pose dance offs.  Learn how to approach your yoga practice with the PLAYFUL spirit and JOYFULNESS of your inner child while you witness your own child’s joy and development.  If you have been struggling with family issues such as stress, insomnia or constipation this class offers family healing and wholeness on many levels.

Those families looking for a way to bring connectedness to your family while having fun and getting healthy.